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Proposal Development

Blue Capture assists with proposal development through the entire lifecycle of proposals, from RFP through production, including printing and binding. Our standardized process for completing proposals has landed contract wins for many companies. With our 60 years of collective consulting experience and extensive knowledge of proposal writing, we are able to scale our process to your unique needs, tailoring it to development of one or multiple proposals as required.

Business Process Maturity

Blue Capture will position your company to make the most of the proposal-development process. We review your processes and develop an infrastructure that can be scaled to work with multiple proposals. You can scale up or down in accordance with your needs, while being certain that your business model is stable and sustainable. We help your company mature at a pace that matches your strengths.

Oral Presentations

Government agencies that consider proposals are increasingly requiring in-person presentations from key company personnel. Even a top-notch written proposal can fall short if not supported by an equally strong oral presentation. Our mock oral sessions will help you anticipate and answer questions you are likely to face. Working with Deborah Hurley, a senior coach with Voice for Success, Blue Capture provides valuable feedback based on video reviews of your presentation. We also ensure that oral-presentation slides reinforce your message with strong, persuasive design while also conforming to RFP requirements. 

Mock Proposal Evaluation

We have extensive industry-standard knowledge about proposals evaluation. Our staff includes experts who have reviewed proposals for federal agencies. As we finalize your proposal, we will be able to apply a level of scrutiny that comes from experience, with a mock committee of reviewers ensuring that your proposal is compliant and effective.

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Cost is a key factor in proposal evaluation and will continue to be so as budgets are tightened. In collaboration with 1830 Consulting, Blue Capture delivers Price-to-Win guidance to help you optimize your budget and staffing plans, resulting in a proposal that is effective, efficient, and competitive.

Competitive Analysis

Small companies stay competitive in bidding by making the most of their unique strengths. As a small business, we know firsthand how to maximize assets to get an edge. Blue Capture will assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to help your proposal rise to the top.

Capture Management

Developing a winning strategy starts in the earliest stages of capture management. Blue Capture works closely with clients to identify and qualify opportunities, ensuring that efforts will be well invested. By assessing your company’s capacity and unique strengths, we help you develop a winning strategy and leverage your network of professional contacts for maximum flexibility. The result is an actionable and sustainable plan for getting the job done.

SharePoint Design and Configuration

You will continue to reap benefits of working with Blue Capture beyond the initial stages of our work. We develop a legacy library of proposal materials in SharePoint for your ongoing use. It's just one way that Blue Capture gives you the tools you need to succeed and to grow as a company.

On-Site Workforce

Blue Capture has you covered if you lose a key staff member mid-process or require someone who has special expertise working with a different agency or branch of the military. Our temporary staffers can pick up where a former employee left off or add to your existing staff without additional training. With our culture of collaboration, we will work on site and see your proposal through to completion.

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