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Our Partners

Blue Capture offers the one-on-one personal relationship of a small business, with the range of services of a much larger company. We do this through collaborating with experts in capture management who share our passion for helping businesses grow and succeed in a complex and changing field.

To give our clients a competitive edge on major proposals, Blue Capture collaborates closely with Deb Hurley, an expert on effective oral presentations, and Mark Russo, who follows the evolving world of pricing.

DEBORAH HURLEY, Hurley Consulting Group

Blue Capture is thrilled to partner with Deborah Hurley from Hurley Consulting Group, providing Blue Capture clients with outstanding orals proposal support. Deb has nearly 20 years of experience training corporate proposal teams to effectively deliver oral proposals. She works with Blue Capture clients to tailor visual, verbal, and non-verbal communications to the requirements of Government Source Selection Boards. Deb helps companies to focus and communicate the unique technical and organizational competencies and other discriminators that set them apart from the competition. She provides expert advice and coaching through all stages of mock oral presentations to transform non-professional speakers into comfortable, confident, and compelling presenters.

Deb consistently achieves superior results because she uses her proven methodology to present technical solutions to the team of government evaluators. As a producer/director of training and marketing programs, Deb developed her orals training process over 15 years ago and has fine tuned it with lessons learned. She works with teams to create strategies that generate compliant messages and convey win themes, discriminators, and customer benefits. Using a variety of tools including videotaping, rehearsals, and immediate feedback, Deb’s teams leave no detail to chance. She consistently outperforms her competitors.

MARK RUSSO, 1830 Consulting

Blue Capture collaborates with pricing expert Mark Russo from 1830 Consulting to provide Blue Capture clients with pricing services. Mark’s pricing expertise comes from his 19 years of experience managing programs and contracts for federal clients as an executive for a Washington, D.C., consulting firm.  He managed more than 375 staff who implemented projects on GSA MOBIS, GSA FABS, and ICE BPA contracts with more than 170 Task Orders valued at approximately $500 million. He is responsible for the planning, developing, and executing multiple programs supporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government agencies. His experience covers all elements of program-level support for DHS including key programs such as ICE Atlas, ICE DROM, USCIS Transformation, USCIS OIT, and USCG Financial and Deepwater Program support services.

Mark has also assisted clients in developing contract level acquisition documentation, task order request processes and procedures, and contract management and administration procedures, including TAC-4, STARS, and TEAMS. With his knowledge, he helps clients determine the right price for their bids. That's an increasingly complex task, as a company must determine the most competitive price to win while still ensuring a sufficient budget for delivering the services needed for a given government project.

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